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iPad Repair
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The best option for knowledgeable iPad technical services and quick iPad repairs is the APPLE IPAD SERVICE IN CHENNAI iPad Service Center In Chennai. We are here to make sure that repairs are made right away with excellent QC so that the customer's time is saved and the quality of the service is not compromised. We understand that the customer's very requirement is that they cannot keep themselves away from their iPad for an extended period of time in today's world. In Chennai, we offer free pick-up and delivery service or doorstep delivery. We are outfitted with the safest, most standardised machines possible to help the engineers, and these machines are quite effective at handling the iPad with the utmost care.

We offer service for all iPad series iPad, iPad 2, iPad 3, iPad 4, iPad Air, iPad Air 2, iPad mini, iPad mini 2, ipad mini 3and iPad mini 4, iPad pro.

iPad Hardware Service

  • Apple iPad Touchscreen and LCD replacement
  • Apple iPad water damage repair
  • Apple iPad volume button repair
  • Apple iPad vibrator repair
  • Apple iPad mic repair
  • Apple iPad loudspeaker repair
  • Apple iPad camera replacement
  • Apple iPad dock connector repair
  • Apple iPad battery replacement
  • Apple iPad back panel replacement
  • Apple iPad home button repair
  • Apple iPad power button repair
  • Apple iPad motherboard repair

iPad Software Service

  • Apple iPad software update
  • Apple iPad jail breaking
  • Apple iPad applications/games installation / data backup
Our one-of-a-kind product, chip level service on the iPad's main board, ensures that customers won't have to worry about usage and throw issues because we will fix all issues with the iPad's main board as well as water log issues. For any of your iPad-related questions and repairs, both in terms of hardware and software, we have sufficient trained technicians and equipment.

With iPads, accidental damage is the most frequent issue. Typically, only the glass will break before the LCD is harmed, but if the impact was very strong, both portions may have been harmed. The iPad's back housing is more flexible than that of earlier generations, which means it sometimes warps very readily. We offer the people of Chennai quick, effective, and durable services for replacing iPad screens. The majority of replacements are finished in within an hour by our skilled specialists, who can virtually cure any problem you are having with any model of iPad.

The second most frequent iPad issue we encounter is a battery problem. Devices with a battery life of less than two years start to exhibit problems. There is a limit to how many times they may be charged before their performance changes. Since some third-party batteries can be problematic, we only ever use original batteries. The battery is adhered to the interior of the back plate of the iPad, thus we must disassemble it. Then we replace it with a fresh battery and reassess. Before being released for dispatch, the iPad is then put through our test bench where its charge and durability are examined.

Do you have problems using the iPad's charging port? Do you have trouble inserting your charger into the dock for your device's charging connector? Have you tried several charging cables but your battery's charge level remains the same? If you are having any of the aforementioned problems, it may be time to have your charging port fixed. Meet our repair experts at Broken Care who can assist you if you're confused if you require a repair or if the dock only requires cleaning. Your iPad's charging dock can be repaired by our experts! Your gadget is entirely safe with us because we only use highly skilled engineers, therefore there is no potential of error.

The camera lenses may be harmed by falls or collisions with the camera's components. Electrical component breakdown can occasionally cause a camera to malfunction. The iPad camera that displays a blank screen when the camera app is launched and won't allow you switch cameras is broken. Additionally, dust and debris have a tendency of getting inside camera lenses. This can result in smudges on the photos being captured. Before beginning any repairs, we test the iPad to verify the problem. Our professionals are available to assist you with replacing the damaged camera with a new one, checking the image quality, and reattaching it with adhesive.

Water and liquid damage to the iPad
As you might expect, an unintentional spill, flooding, or getting caught in the rain are the main causes of liquid damage. The motherboard's electronics, including the display, battery, speaker/mic, chips, and electronics, can suffer from corrosion and chip failure as a result of the fluids. Some clients are referred to Broken Care as a result of our expertise. Liquid damage can range in severity, depending on the amount of liquid on the board, what was done to fix it, and which components of the electronics were harmed.

This service's fee is not refundable. It includes our ability to identify water lock issues and our initial cleanup of any damage utilising cutting-edge tools. Sometimes a gadget can be fixed by simply cleaning the circuit boards; no further charge is necessary. Any further components or work required will be billed to you before we move forward with any further billable work once we have cleaned up and diagnosed the problem. If you decide against any extra work, we will return your gadget to you for free.
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