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iMac Repair
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The ideal option for skilled iMac technical services and quick iMac repairs is the iMac Service Center in Chennai. We offer our independent iMac repair service to Apple iMac users in Chennai and Hyderabad and are here to assist you and fix or resolve any Apple iMac problem immediately. Without a question, the iMac is one of the priciest sensitive products and should be handled with extreme caution both when in use and when needing repairs. We take special care is needed for safe handling and repair addressing, and we are glad to state that we have the most competent engineers and professionals in the field of iMac repair. We have the best tools available to help the engineers, including highly efficient and safe machines which are the best option in handling iMac.

Call us at +919150811669 or talk with one of our Live Support representatives if you need your Apple iMac Desktop fixed. In the beginning, we'll provide you advice over the phone so you can diagnose and fix it yourself. We will pick up your Apple iMac in Chennai as part of our service package, so there is no additional cost, in the event that your Apple Mac desktop needs to be collected for repair at our service facility. Your Apple iMac will be repaired successfully and returned to you at your door step, and our technical team will keep you informed of its progress.

Synergy IT solutions has more success fixing iMacs with retina displays than any other service centre in Chennai. We are simply the finest at disassembling and reassembling the entire iMac.

The logic board (mother board) will be brought back to life by Synergy IT solutions, a giant in the field of chip level servicing, who will analyse the hardware issue and locate the defective tracks or components in the logic board very rapidly. Don't spend 45–55k on a new mother board replacement. Contact us to fix the problem at the chip level on your Mother Board for an effective cost.

Resolving the most prevalent iMac graphics card issue is our third most distinctive area of expertise. In our workstation, reballing or reworking the graphics card with the help of a Ball grid array machine has been a complete success.

We do following apple IMAC services:

  • Apple IMAC LCD screen replacement
  • Apple IMAC LCD and Touch glass replacement
  • Apple IMAC hard disk drive replacement
  • Apple IMAC motherboard repair & Replacement
  • Apple IMAC RAM upgradation
  • Apple IMAC Optical drive repair & replacement
  • Apple IMAC Speaker repair & replacement
  • Apple IMAC OS (MAC) installation

Services for Pickup and Delivery
On Monday through Sunday, our Apple Service Center in Chennai is open from 10:00 am to 8:00 pm. Customers can either ship their broken Apple iMac to us for repair or drop it off at our store. Additionally, we can set up a safe courier service to pick up and deliver your laptop anywhere in Chennai. Call us at 9150811669, if you have any additional questions regarding our Apple iMac repair and upgrade services.
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