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Virus Removal
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Computer anti-virus software guards against, finds, and eliminates malware, such as Trojan horses, worms, and computer viruses. Software designed to prevent viruses includes Sophos, Eset Nod32, Quick Heal, and McAfee.

A computer programme called antivirus is made to identify, prevent, and get rid of dangerous codes including viruses, worms, Trojan horses, and malware. The advantages of putting antivirus software on their computers are now well known to computer users. Everyone sets up an antivirus application to protect themselves from internet hazards.

Frederick B. Cohen's 1987 proof that no algorithm can completely detect every possible virus is one of the few reliable theoretical findings in the research of computer viruses. However, a high detection rate may be attained by utilising multiple layers of defence.

The following techniques can be used by antivirus software to detect malware:

Sandbox detection is an unique behavioral-based detection method that runs programmes in a virtual environment while keeping track of the actions they take, rather than detecting the behavioural fingerprint at run time. The antivirus engine can assess whether or not a software is malicious based on the actions that have been recorded. If not, the software is run in a real-world setting. Despite the fact that this method has proven to be extremely effective, end-user antivirus solutions rarely employ it because of its weight and slowness.

One of the most recent methods used in malware detection is data mining. Given a number of file attributes that are collected from, data mining and machine learning methods are used to attempt to categorise the behaviour of a file (as either malicious or benign).
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