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Laptop Not Powering On
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How to Determine If Your Laptop Power Button Needs Repair
Have you ever turned on a device only to have nothing happen? Perhaps the button has sunk beneath the laptop's top frame. Is the issue that your button won't switch off and is locked in the "on" position. Your power button may no longer function for a variety of reasons.

Whatever the cause, you presumably want to have it fixed as soon as possible, but you might not know how.

Issues that lead to power outages
Sometimes it turns out that a different part is to blame when a laptop appears to have a malfunctioning power button. For instance, a power button can appear completely normal, except that pressing it has no effect. If so, there could be a number of issues stopping the laptop from starting up. This includes a problematic hard disc, RAM, battery, DC jack, or other component.

The replacement of a power button
The power button can be easily fixed if it has dropped below the top frame, has stopped clicking when pressed, or is otherwise clearly damaged. Install a new power button, that's all. Here's how to fix a damaged power button.

Take off the AC adapter, battery, and back panel.
The AC adapter, battery, and back panel must all be taken out of the laptop before it can be opened.

Take off the RAM and the hard disc.
We can typically see the hard disc and RAM once the back panel has been removed. The hard disc is taken out of the laptop by unscrewing the screws holding it in. Levers on either side of the RAM keep it in place. We pull the RAM out by pushing these down.

Get rid of the keyboard bezel.
Time to enter the space where the power button interfaces with the motherboard. The "keyboard bezel" represents the first impediment. In addition to protecting the region above the keyboard, this frame also improves the appearance of the laptop.

Take the keyboard out.
The screws holding the keyboard in place are visible once the keyboard bezel has been removed. The ribbon cable that connects the keyboard to the motherboard can be seen when there is space between the keyboard and top frame.

By carefully pushing on the connector that plugs into the motherboard, we unplug the ribbon cable. The laptop's keyboard is then removed from the case.

Installing the new switch after removing the old one
A little circuit board known as the power switch is connected to the power button on the opposite side of the top frame. It is this switch that is actually being activated when the power button is depressed. This switch instructs the motherboard to permit power to flow through the circuits by sending a signal through the cord to the motherboard.

Rebuilding the laptop
All that's left to do is put the laptop back together and test it after the new power button has been inserted. The laptop should start up immediately.
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