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OS Installation
Product ID: SS30
By installing a brand-new Operating System, this home installation solution assists in getting your Computer system back to a functional state. Your vital data files, music and video files, email settings, contact book, and internet favourites will all be backed up and restored if at all possible. We'll also attach the required devices and re-connect you to the Internet.

A Service Engineer will come to your house at the time and date you choose to fix your PC, saving you time and potential annoyance.

Your computer system will be installed, configured, set up, and restored by us.

When our service engineer arrives to do the diagnosis, he will: Reinstall your operating system and configure with any necessary drivers to get your system back up and running using the original operating system CDs or a Master CD that the Technician will carry.

- In the event that it is feasible, we will back up a maximum of 1 GB (or 1 DVD) of your data files.
- Your emails, Microsoft® Office documents, media files, ISP settings, address book/contacts list, and Internet favourites can all be restored.
- If necessary, we will set up your printer and scanner.
- Reconnect to your current network or Internet connection (including basic protection settings)
- The test data is operational.
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