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iPhone Repair
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Chennai iPhone Service Center - We are Chennai's top Apple iPhone repair and service facility. With years of experience in this field, we can say that we have highly qualified technicians on staff. We have specialists who are skilled in handling a variety of problems related to iPhones. Do you know what an iPhone chip level service is? Synergy is the first service company in Tamil Nadu to offer chip-level support for iPhones. This typically entails laying new tracks and reworking, reballing, or replacing the CPU, memory chip, charging, or power parts.

Have you lost all hope after dropping your phone in water? We have a straightforward answer and a straightforward process: we treat the phone in a BGA oven, which is an electronic equipment that precisely and quickly eliminates water molecules off phones.

If you've ever heard of an iPhone screen repair taking 30 minutes, a battery replacement taking 20 minutes, or a faulty spare being replaced in 15 minutes, synergy is the place for you to go for the most efficient, high-quality service possible in the shortest amount of time.

Almost any iPhone problem can be resolved by our professional staff because they have the necessary expertise and knowledge. We can deal with freezing problems, broken or cracked screens, performance problems, and battery problems. We kindly ask you to supply the model number and serial number when contacting us because there are numerous iPhone models and parts for them are purchased based on those numbers. The services we offer for Apple iPhones are as follows:

iPhone Hardware Service

  • Apple iPhone screen replacement
  • Apple iphone water damage repair
  • Apple iPhone volume button repair
  • Apple iphone vibrator repair
  • Apple iphone mic repair
  • Apple iphone loudspeaker repair
  • Apple iphone camera replacement
  • Apple iphone ear speaker repair
  • Apple iphone dock connector repair
  • Apple iphone battery replacement
  • Apple iphone back panel or back glass replacement
  • Apple iphone home button repair
  • Apple iphone power button repair
  • Apple iPhone headphone jack repair
  • Apple iphone motherboard repair

iPhone Software Service

  • Apple iphone software update
  • Apple iPhone factory unlocking
  • iphone software unlocking
  • iphone jail breaking
  • iphone applications/ games installation / data backup
Replace broken screen
Within an hour, Apple iPhone issues including cracked front glass, touch screen troubles, vertical lines, or blank screens are fixed.

Repair for Water Damage
We work with all phone brands and have a high success record of fixing liquid-damaged Apple iPhones, but there is no guarantee of repair. Don't pay unless it works!

Repair of Camera and Lenses
Your iPhone's back camera might have a broken lens or be having autofocus problems. The average repair time is around an hour.

Repairing Charging Ports
We'll figure out what's wrong with the charging port and, if necessary, replace it. Normally, the fix takes 30 minutes.

Replacement of the back panel
Bent frame, broken side buttons, or simply too many scratches Once we replace the back panel frame, everything is fixed. Please let us know what shade your Apple iPhone is. No worries if you only want the back or rear glass replaced; we can handle it.

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